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AL-LAD is an alkenated / alkylenated analogue of (6-nor-)LSD, Al lad for sale or differently put a ‘homologue’ of DMT, that has a slightly lower potency in practice and somewhat shorter duration of effects than LSD although it showed higher potency in theory.
It gained recognition after Alexander Shulgin described the substance in the book TIHKAL, although David Nichols and Albert Hofmann described AL-LAD 12 years before that in an article. However until recently AL-LAD has not been known to have been available on the market.
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Because it is not an alkyl analogue it bypasses UK drug analogue laws. In this early stage of availability on the market AL-LAD for sale is quickly gaining popularity, having a lot of the virtues of LSD and even advantages over it, although opinions and reactions always vary as per YMMV.
Until recently history of use in humans was quite limited, and positive reports do not guarantee physical safety. If it has remotely the therapeutic index LSD has it should be considered physically quite safe, but has not yet been proven


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