Double Dose Sour Blue Big Foot LSD Candy




Double Dose Sour Blue Big Foot LSD Candy is a new product in the market that has grabbed the attention of many candy lovers out there. This candy is not like any other regular candy that you would find at your local store. It is Sour Blue flavored and is double the strength of your regular candy. This means that you can taste the sourness and sweetness of the candy that will hit your taste buds just right.

The candy is named after Big Foot, the legendary ape-like creature that is believed to inhabit the forests in North America. The name itself is enough to pique the curiosity of many candy enthusiasts who are looking for something unique to try.

However, it is important to note that the candy does contain a dose of LSD, a hallucinogenic drug that alters perception, mood, and cognitive processes. As such, it is not recommended for children or anyone with a history of mental illness or drug abuse.

In conclusion, if you are an adult looking for a unique and exciting candy experience, Double Dose Sour Blue Big Foot LSD Candy might be worth trying. However, please consume it responsibly and at your own risk.


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