LSD Blotter 250 µg




How? How Much? When? For How Long?

As with any drug, the correct dose for you depends on factors such as weight, gender, metabolism, and whether you have taken the drug recently or not.

How you take, it matters…

LSD is always taken orally and only injected for research purposes. It is commonly dissolved in the blotting paper that can be broken down into tabs. Other, less common, ways of taking this psychedelic are consuming it in the form of liquid LSD and gelatin.

You should place the tab under your tongue for around 10 minutes, after that, you can safely swallow the tab. If you are going to try LSD for your first time or you are using a new source, we encourage you to take a Low or Medium dose.

How much?

Low: 25–100 µg
Medium (Our Product): 100–250 µg
High: 250 – 350 µg
Heavy: 350+ µg

When do the effects kick in?

The START time below is when you will usually begin to feel the effects of LSD from the time when you first take it. DURATION is roughly the length of time you will experience the effects, after which the effects will start to wind down, and you might start to feel the calm-down/comedown effects.

Start: 30–90 min
Peak: 2–3 hours
Duration: 9–12 hours


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