Mimosa Hostilis – Fine Shred


Fine shredded mimosa hostilis root bark. Use as an abrasive whilst tanning. This is a Brazilian strain that is packed with tannin and the tough fibers act as an abrasive, removing fatty tissue and tanning as it goes.



This Mimosa hostilis is shredded from sustainably harvested root bark for higher tannin content. It’s texture is built for the hard rub of fatty tissue removal, you may wish to follow after with our fine powder to take your skins through to finishing.

Milder tannins, with a more course texture.

The chemical reactions involved in the many stages of mordanting and pre and post-treatments in dyeing make for such variety, but this one is generally stronger and more of a challenge for amateur and expert dyers alike. For tanning, things are simpler – this has an extraordinary amount of tannin and will tighten your own skin if exposed. This is why Mimosa Hostilis is used so frequently in face creams.

The power of natural abrasive tannin.

MHRB is a starting material with an extraordinarily high concentration of tannins. Tanners will love the texture, which at stages of tanning will provide not only tannin, but also friction. Tanners use blades for removing fatty tissue and flesh from the hide, of course, and mimosa comes in to its own afterwards, “sanding” the skin, and tanning as it goes.

Customers have told us that this dye is darker and can produce some more challenging effects when dyeing – as such you should test a small amount first, or try our more gentle Mimosa here.

The best part in the right way.

The highest quality part of each plant (in this case root bark taken from the right depth) is used here, no other part of the plant, so there is no unnecessary plant matter to get in your way.  Our customers return again and again for bespoke professional projects, they appreciate that the very fine-ground powder is so easy to work with. Remember to make use of the 30% repeat order discount you receive on your invoice.

Alternative names for mimosa hostilis:

What we call mimosa hostilis, you may hear called a variety of names:

  • Mimosa tenuiflora
  • Acacia hostilis
  • Acacia Jurema
  • Mimosa cabrera
  • Mimosa limana
  • MHRB


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