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Magic Truffles, also known as sclerotia, bloomed on the psychedelic market after the 2008 Dutch legal restrictions on Magic Mushrooms. The government banned Magic Mushrooms from the smart shops but left the sales of Magic Truffles untouched. You might be looking forward to your own magic truffle trip. To prepare you, we will inform you on 5 things you need to know about Magic Truffles!

1. What is a Magic Truffle?

The sclerotia aka the Philosopher Stones are produced from different strains which grow underground. Like all organisms, fungus spores seek to reproduce, but environmental conditions are not always ideal to do so. If the substrate is to dry, cold, hot or poor in nutrition, the mycelium will grow inwards. Forming a tangled clump where food and water gets stored, called sclerotium (plural: sclerotia). These hard structures are able to survive in harsh environmental conditions until the time is right to send forth mushrooms.


So actually a magic truffle isn’t a truffle. It is a sclerotia!  The word truffle might have been easier or had more international appeal because somehow the word truffle became the name of our psychedelic rock-shaped friends.

2. How are Magic Truffles produced?

When Magic Truffles are produced in a laboratory, the mycologist keeps the grow bags with the substrate and spores in a constant temperature of 28 degrees Celsius to accelerate the growth of the mycelium.

To prevent the growth of actual mushrooms they keep the microclimate inside of the growing bags on a certain level, so that that the conditions are not suitable to produce mushrooms.

When the bags are fully colonized with mycelium they are stored in a dark place for at least five months before the sclerotia is mature. When the Magic Mushrooms are mature the bags are opened. The sclerotia are harvested from their substrate and washed with water and a soft brush before they are packed for distribution and consumption.



3. What are the effects?

Most of you might know that the active compounds in “magic” truffles and mushrooms is psilocybin and psilocin.  With the right dosage, these two substances create a psychedelic experience. Magic truffles are known to give people visual hallucinations, intense body highs and a mystic state of mind. When taken in mini-doses, truffles and mushrooms  are also used for psilocybin microdosing. Our Microdosing User Guide will show you how!


Dosage guide

So you bought your pack, you (and your friends), are ready for an amazing experience and the mood is right. What kind of experience are you open for to receive?Here are 4 trip levels that we help you decide the right dosage of fresh magic truffles:


The detailed magic truffles dosage guide will be posted next week!


4. Which strain should I buy?

For the beginners

When it comes to strains, everyone has there own favorite and their own experiences that will shape their opinion on the available strains. But what we can say as a general rule is that the Atlantis and Galindoi are great for beginners. Smooth, easier to process and ideal for an unforgettable hangout with friends.


For the professionals

If you are experienced and you would like to try the strains that are known to be more potent, than we strongly recommend Dragon’s Dynamite and High Hawaiians. These strains have earned their title as being one of the most popular and potent strains on the market.


The new generation

Keep in mind that there are new strains that are being developed in the field of magic truffles. The 2 new kids on the block that have making noise are Utopia and Hollandia. Customers have had great experiences with these, because they’re able to deliver a classic dutch psychedelic experience: strong and fun!


Safety first! Read our page on responsible use and follow these 9 mindful steps for an amazing psychedelic trip.

5. How to consume Magic Truffles?

Our packages contain 15 grams of fresh Magic Truffles. This is the ‘normal’ dosage for a good and pleasant trip. If you are an unexperienced user we advise you to start with 2/3 (10 grams) of the package. Please note that these numbers are indications and that the strength of the trip varies from person to person. To get the best results it’s best to consume the Magic Truffles on an empty stomach.


There are two ways standard ways of consumption:


The effects will take 15-45 minutes before they are noticeable and last for 5-7 hours.

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