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5 Things to know about Magic Truffles

Magic Truffles, also known as sclerotia, bloomed on the psychedelic market after the 2008 Dutch legal restrictions on Magic Mushrooms. The government banned Magic Mushrooms from the smart shops but left the sales of Magic Truffles untouched. You might be looking forward to your own magic truffle trip. To prepare you, we will inform you on 5 things you need to know […]

Magic Mushrooms Dosage Guide

Experiencing a psychedelic trip on Magic Truffles can be mind-expanding, visually stimulating and fun. But how much do you need to have just a little bit of fun? And how much do you need to see the curtains and the walls dancing to the beat of the background music?  Find out the answers in this […]

Top 5 Magic Mushroom Strains

Top 5 Magic Mushroom Strains It’s time to let the people decide! At The Magic Mushroom Shop we’ve been listening to our customers, taking notes at the customer service and observed the recent cultivations of our close friends. This fun research gave us an enlightening overview of the favored strains, which we would like to […]