Mimosa hostilis Inner Root Bark – Powder


Buy High quality and sustainable Brazillian Mimosa hostilis (MHRB) inner root bark. Our Mimosa comes in three forms: powdered, shreded or whole.



Mimosa hostilis inner root bark from Mexico. A consistent fine powder for the most efficient extractions.

Finely ground for ease of use.

MHRB is a starting material with an extraordinarily high concentration of tannins. That is why it’s worth our time grinding the root bark so finely. Tanners will love the texture, which at stages of tanning will provide not only tannin, but also friction. Tanners use blades, often obliquely, to removing fatty tissue and flesh from the hid. Afterwards, mimosa comes in to its own, “sanding” the skin and tanning as you go.

Similarly, anyone seeking to get the most pigment per pound (this is one of our most expensive dyes), will appreciate that the hard grind has been done.


The best part in the right way.

The highest quality part of each plant (in this case root bark taken from the right depth) is used here, no other part of the plant, so there is no unnecessary plant matter to get in your way.  Our customers return again and again for bespoke professional projects, they appreciate that the very fine-ground powder is so easy to work with. Remember to make use of the 30% repeat order discount you receive on your invoice.

Packed with tannins.

We supply mimosa hostilis inner root bark for tanning, dyeing and leather work. It’s absolutely packed with skin-preserving tannins. If you want to tan your own hides, this is a rich single-substance source.

Alternative names for mimosa hostilis:

What we call mimosa hostilis, you may hear called a variety of names:

  • Mimosa tenuiflora
  • Acacia hostilis
  • Acacia Jurema
  • Mimosa cabrera
  • Mimosa limana
  • MHRB


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